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CBS Reviews: A Multi-Million Dollar Education

A Multi-Million


A client whose company is a leading supplier of industrial equipment invited Corporate Business Solutions to assist “myself and my business because, after 77 years of being in business, we needed to make a major transition.  We have three owners retiring.  We never had a business plan, sales plan, or any type of formal cash flow management system, in place.  I was spinning too many plates, myself, and I needed a plan that would prepare us for a profitable future.” 


The Corporate Business Solutions’ consultants “have been the perfect team to help make this happen.  Their expertise and ability to teach us new skills has kept me in awe from the very beginning.  All of the management, including myself, has been mentored.  We have improved our communication, productivity and professionalism.”

“I truly believe that we have received a multi-million dollar education.  Although this has been an exhausting process, it has also been exhilarating.  Tools are in place.  People are in place.”

Everything that was needed was, now, in place.  “I am excited about the future.”


“My decision to hire CBS has been one of the best decisions that I have made as CEO.  I would strongly recommend their services to anyone that needs to make profitable changes in their organization.”   Carole, Chief Executive Officer