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CBS Reviews: A Truly Successful Engagement Is Never Finished



A construction materials firm sought Corporate Business Solutions’ insight regarding operating in a tighter economy as opposed to the ‘good years’ and managing the next phase of their growth.


The CBS team reviewed the firm’s records, clearly outlining problems as well as opportunities going forward.  The focus was upon what had to be accomplished in order to make their established company more sustainable and profitable.

The lead consultant of the project was “professional, understanding, driven but not overwhelmingly, and knew how to make needs known without impeding the daily workflow that has kept us alive for over 100 years.  He worked continuously and diligently, but was always available and willing to address our questions, concerns and ideas.  He was an excellent teacher and has become an invaluable friend.”

The only problem, according to the client, would be the fact that their consultant is employed by CBS and not their own firm, adding “at least until he retires.  We will truly miss him.”


The client stated that they’d like to continue their relationship with CBS.  “We are exceedingly satisfied with the quality of useful information that we have received and have started implementing as direct result of our engagement.  If we are to become as successful, as we know that we can be, and in keeping with our forward momentum, we will surely require a follow-up engagement,” Joseph, Manager.