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CBS Reviews: Challenged to Rebuild the Foundational Structure of a Business



A retail business that had evolved in a haphazard fashion based upon ‘things have always been done this way’ family traditions and many periods of reactionary expansion.  Client felt that the business was now running the family rather than the other way around.


Reviewed the historical roots and defined the ideas that had started the business.  Rediscovered and renewed the core business values.  Established stabilizing structures and systems to continuously reinforce the corporate mission and believes, so that they’d never be lost again, and position the business for future growth.


“We now have a greater awareness and control over our costs, cash flow, and profit margins.  I hate to think how much money we may have lost by not knowing what we now know.  

It was like getting a micro MBA in business and I am thrilled that my son, my brother, and my entire company could spend the up close and personal time that they did with our CBS consultant.

I will tell every business owner I know that if they need to improve their business financially, revitalize its spirit, assess and achieve its potential, to go with Corporate Business Solutions,” Ralph, President and Owner.