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CBS Reviews: I am Now Confident That We Will Flourish

Now Confident


Before the Corporate Business Solutions’ consultant arrived, the client in the construction field had considered their exit plans, either to close down their 70 year old business or to sell.  They had elected to sell, but were struggling, according to the client, “with new people and old ways, and our profitability was poor.  I was not sure that the business was going to survive the transition.”


The corporate structure was reorganized, job descriptions and responsibilities created, and new book keeping software was installed in order to better track the client’s overhead.  The CBS consultant “taught a great deal about managing our employees and how to hold them accountable.  He has been professional, knowledgeable, and consistent in his insistence on always enforcing our standards.”


“I am now confident that we will flourish and be able to fulfill our goals.”  The client would like to have a return engagement to make sure that they are still on track with the implemented programs in a few months.  Further, the client would recommend the CBS team “to any business that needs help with becoming more profitable,”  Frank, President and Marc, Vice President