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CBS Reviews: I Fully Endorse & Recommend CBS



The top priority for this electrical services client was “the continuous expansion of the reputation and integrity of our company as one that our clients can count on to be there for them and to go above and beyond what is required.” 


“Moving forward with numerous deliverables specific to those goals,” the Corporate Business Solutions consultant worked with the four owners to lay out a five year growth plan and then “ensured that we were well prepared for this growth by addressing the three critical areas of Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Financial Management.” 


She “quickly identified the viable opportunities for improvements within our business.  In turn, her actions facilitated a more controlled infrastructure, contributing to the continued and sustainable growth of our company.”

The client cited the consultant’s work ethic, sharing that she was highly motivated and results driven professional as well as a leader.  “A leader has only two important characteristics; first, they are going somewhere and, second, they are able to pursue other people to go with them.  Those words resonate as truth when one considers the type of leader that our consultant personified.  Due to her coaching and mentoring, our organization today is much stronger and focused than we have ever been.”

“No one person ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of them.  It is the amount and excellence of what is over-and-above the required that determines the level of greatness, and most importantly, the distinction of both the organization and the person.  It is with great appreciation that I fully endorse and recommend CBS and our consultant.”  Terrell, President