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CBS Reviews: Now More Effective

CBS - Now More Effective


A manufacturer of packaging products in the food and beverage industry for over ten years had employed Corporate Business Solutions to tackle “the long list, in which we personally needed assistance, in making our day-to-day operations more effective as a company.” 


“In his first days,” their CBS consultant, “discovered and helped us act on an extremely destructive dysfunction in our operations.  He was able to sift through the many areas in which we needed help, focus in on the ones that were the most important and work with us to determine a prioritized list of needs to be accomplished to turn us into a profitable entity.”


“From the first day, to his last, he displayed skills in countless areas.  His ability to listen to our employees and us with intuition and assess our situation was outstanding.”

“Among the multitude of new practices that he brought into our company, he identified the need for and implemented the Cash Management Program, a revised organizational structure, and conducted a professional search for a new key employee.  Quite simply, his presence infused new life into the general level of fatigue that had existed here prior to January of this year.”

The client further stated that he’d recommend, without hesitation, his CBS consultant “to work with any company experiencing difficulties identifying issues and acting on them in order to become more efficient.”   Brad, President