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CBS Reviews: Our Employees Are Now Empowered



A client, in the automotive service industry with multiple locations and over fifty years in business, hired Corporate Business Solutions to increase their profitability.  “We needed to improve many areas of our business management; in fact, we needed to improve in all areas.” 


The CBS consultant first guided the leadership team in realizing the value of accountability.  He’s “proven to us that we owe it to ourselves, our fellow employees and our company to hold each other accountable.”

He then assisted the team in establishing metrics which would allow them to measure the performance of staff and programs.  “We now have defined accountability that will lead to better results.  We have plans in place to help each location increase revenue and increase gross margin while, at the same time, reducing our cost to deliver our products and services.”

Additional clarification was provided with job descriptions for every position in the company.  “Our employees are now empowered to perform their jobs, they are clear about their goals and objectives, and they will share in the profitable payoff that will come from executing these plans successfully.”


“His approach was not singularly focused in one area.  He helped us examine almost every part of our business that requires management.  We now have a Strategic Plan and our entire company is committed to seeing this plan come to life.”  Trey, Chief Operating Officer