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CBS Reviews: The Driving Force Behind Our Future Success



A ten year old, well established metal building contracting business, which had enjoyed varying degrees of success in its history, was lacking clear-cut organizational and accounting systems.  This had limited growth and created instability in revenues.  The client employed Corporate Business Solutions to address these two key challenges.


The Corporate Business Solutions consultant “quickly analyzed our needs, shortcomings and oversights and was able to put in place a complete organizational package that will not only enhance, but will be the driving force behind our future success.”

This project refined the business’ organizational structure through written job descriptions and evaluations for current and anticipated staff, set up production metrics tracking as well as an incentive based reward/bonus program, and established procedures for the better control, understanding and forecasting of corporate profitability.

The consultant further was “an inspiration to me personally by his enthusiasm, knowledge and sheer determination to complete his work in an efficient manner.  Though his assignment was extensive, his willingness to work long hours and his precise and informative instruction minimized the inherent interruption of our on-going work that a process such as this would have normally created.”


“This process and experience has given me great confidence in looking forward and I heartily state that this is the most important investment that I have made in this company.”  Gary, President