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CBS Reviews: We Are A Better Company

We Are A Better Co


An air-conditioning company hired Corporate Business Solutions in order to run more efficiently.


“Your consultant has brought us new management ideas, procedures, and processes, as well as customized tools.  He dug deeply into our financial and operational problems within the company and found some that were eight years old, of which we were not even aware, then, fixed them!

For our first time, in many years, we have a valid set of full financial statements.  He showed us that we cannot know how to get where we want to go, because we had no idea where we were currently. 

He provided management training and gave us the Accountability Program and Individual Performance Metrics for the entire company.  He also created incentives for the employees, which we believe will help all of us, in the long run.”


“He has brought us from the dark ages into the light with the Sales Funnel, Break-Even Calculator, and Cash Flow Manager.  That last item being something that we really needed.  We now know how to decide, in advance, what our annual sales will be and even our engineered profits.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation towards your company and your consultant; because of you, we are a better company and will grow and be more profitable.”   Lee, Co-owner