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CBS Reviews: We Could Realize A Cost Saving Of As Much As $150,000.00



A client’s supply business “was suffering from a lack of a structured sales and customer service plan for some time, now.”  They were also experiencing a lack of organization in delivery, “as most of the product was being delivered to the customers via our truck and some shipped via UPS.”  


The Corporate Business Solutions’ consultant started with “analyzing these and a number of other issues.  He quickly began a process of sales training for the account managers.  Product delivery was then addressed as he designed a plan to include the cost of outgoing shipping charges in the cost of the goods and enabled us to offer a ‘free shipping’ policy.”


Resolving the product delivery resulted in more prospecting time for the client’s account managers as well as freeing up an employee and his vehicle for more productive tasks.  While there were numerous other concerns handled with valuable benefits, this change, the client believes “that in a 12- month period that we could realize a cost savings of as much as one hundred fifty thousand dollars.  I am pleased with the results provided by Corporate Business Solutions and would recommend their services to any business owner.”   Mark, Owner