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CBS Reviews: Knowledge To Be Proactive



The client, a provider of environmentally-friendly processing of industrial non-hazardous liquid waste, contacted Corporate Business Solutions to pursue new management techniques.  The goal was to further amp up business, which had grown 12% over the past year.


The CBS consultant worked to implement the numerous procedures and practices required to compile the information needed to assist management in being proactive rather than reactive.

Although all the areas covered will be beneficial, the attention to sales will ultimately drive our future endeavors.  Some of the key items that will impact me, personally, as president of the company include Cash Flow Summary, Dashboard, Break Even Analysis, Labor Burden and the Pay Per Performance.” 

Beyond the knowledge management, the client expressed that he was very impressed with their consultant’s willingness and ability to become involved with the staff and make certain that everything was clear and understood.  When there was a problem, their consultant helped them sort it out and find a solution.


“I believe that I have grown as a president in the short time that we have worked together.  Some of the financial and personnel decisions that I have made, during this project, I could not have accomplished without your guidance and what I had just learned.  I simply didn’t know how.” 

Now noting, “The number of management tools that are now at our disposal will be invaluable to the success of this company, both in the short term and beyond.”  Greg, President