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CBS Reviews: This Is Our Fourth Project



Client in the telecommunications industry contacted Corporate Business Solutions regarding a government regulation question and it “turned into another business enhancement project with your company!”  This latest project included working on sales and marketing as well as a transition plan to allow the owner and his wife to move into pre-retirement and a shorter work week.


“As usual, top notch staff and consultants were dispatched to work with us.” 

The Corporate Business Solutions consultant “aggressively and enthusiastically pulled information from the company and plugged it into the appropriate places in order to help us address the deficiencies that we have in the sales and marketing areas.  He connected with us on many levels—personally and professionally—making the working relationship a pleasure for all of us in the company.” 


Client shared that “we look forward to implementing this plan and the results that it will offer.  We trust the hands-on, detailed plan” that their consultant “has helped put together will give us more ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to make the sales process grow, not only in theory, but in actuality.” Gary, President