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Food Service: How CBS Can Help

Restaurants, fast food franchises, food and beverage vendors—they all have to keep a close eye on costs, spoilage/throw-away, turn-over of tables and productivity or their profits can evaporate.  One of the toughest sectors for new businesses, food service demands creativity and top-notch management systems to survive.  Corporate Business Solutions can help!

Food Service Client Reviews Corporate Business Solutions

“One of the biggest issues that the consultants opened my eyes to was employee efficiency.  I didn’t know anything about employee productivity, such as how inefficient it was to have people taking five cigarette breaks a day.  I think we were less than 70% in terms of efficiency. 

If you’re paying someone ten dollars an hour at 70%, it’s closer to fifteen dollars an hour, plus the labor burden costs.  Now, when you start to add some of these factors into the equation, it changes the dynamics of your costs.  Another major issue was our overhead absorption rate.  Your labor, your lights, your utilities—there were a lot of variables that I never took into consideration.

Cash flow analysis, projecting, forecasting, overhead absorption rate, employee productivity—we now use these charts, graphs and tables on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to help manage all aspects of the business.

I have cut costs, increased our profit and fine-tuned daily operations and, at the end of the day, we’ve become more profitable.”  Dave, Owner, Food Service Company

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