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Retail: How CBS Can Help

A retail establishment may serve the general public or B2B, providing merchandise and/or after sale services such as installation, repair, or maintenance.  Controlling operating expenses, managing sales & marketing, and reducing costs is key to profits for all retailers, Corporate Business Solutions can help!

Retail Client Discusses Being A Corporate Business Solutions Client

“We requested the assistance of CBS because our family business of nearly 35 years had come to such a desperate point that we feared for our survival and future.

Since CBS arrived, we have seen nothing but a positive attitude and assurance from our consultant and his fellow coworkers.  He has really done his best at opening our eyes to new ways of looking at our business.  He taught us the skills to better analyze each business decision and its possible impact on our store.

While it has been chaotic and stressful, we have already begun to see some small positive results.  Our consultant has worked diligently to prepare and teach us a plan of action that will help our business to thrive, once again.  We look forward to what the future will bring as we continue forward on this path to profitability.”  Wallace, VP & General Manager

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