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Wholesalers / Distributors: How CBS Can Help

The wholesale industry is one that values long-term business relationships between either other wholesalers, retailers or manufacturers that rely upon the raw materials/supplies sold for production.  Beyond sales, having a handle on factors such as inventory, purchasing and delivery determines profitability.  Corporate Business Solutions can help!

Wholesale Distributor Reviews CBS Consulting Services

“The engagement of CBS was twofold.  One reason was to gain control of the running of the company and the second was to put a structure in place that would promote growth.

Obtaining control to run the company was a success.  My father is pulling back and no longer throwing up opposition to the changes that I wanted to make.  The fact that someone independent from our company was proposing some of the same things that I had been advocating over the years, helped to break the ice.  There was some initial push back from him during the first few weeks, but that has completely disappeared.

The second thing that I wanted out of this engagement was a structuring that would not only allow growth, but make it so that I didn’t have to be here, every day.  A layer of management has been added between me and my employees.  Job responsibilities have been defined for everyone and evaluations will take place twice a year, now.  KPI’s are now being generated on a weekly basis and emailed to key people.  An incentive program has been put in place to share excess profit, fairly, instead of ‘gifting’ a set bonus at the end of the year and then figuring out, later, if we made a profit.  An employee handbook was developed to clarify what are our company policies.  We have a model for strategic pricing, in hand, and one for paying a commission salesperson when we’re ready to expand.

All in all, I’m satisfied with what I have in my hands, today.  There is still a lot of work to be done on my part.  The transfer of job responsibilities is not yet fully finished.  Some remodeling has to be finished to have the purchasing department in one space.  Various other things will need tweaking as we see what works or is relevant and what isn’t.  I believe that I have everything to complete these tasks and we will be hitting the ground running.”  Bob, Owner, Wholesale Company

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