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Corporate Business Solutions offers a broad array of services furnishing analytical, consulting and strategic tax planning for you, the business owner of a small to medium sized business, these would include:

Business Analytics and Consulting

Our analysts will examine your business operations, identify gaps and recommend improvements, while our consultants tackle the hands-on implementation, education and training to facilitate the agreed upon solutions.

Strategic Tax Planning

Corporate Business Solutions’ Tax Planning Group will handle your personal and corporate strategic tax planning.  The recommended strategies are fully detailed in your customized Strategic Tax Report, focusing upon your specific situation, needs and goals.

Business Valuation

The Business Valuation Services Group of CBS can provide you with accounting and compliance services as well as NACVA and ASA certified personnel preparing your Business Valuation and Business Value Map.

Exit Strategy Planning

Our Exit Strategy Planning Group takes a comprehensive approach to wealth management.  We provide a vast array of independent, non-proprietary product solutions tailored to the investment challenges presented by your unique estate, retirement and succession planning objectives and circumstances.

Tax Strategy Implementation

The Implementation Services Group at Corporate Business Solutions can assist in implementing tax-related strategies that have been recommended, should you and your professional advisers choose to avail yourselves of these services.