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Business Analytics and Consulting

Corporate Business Solutions’ analysts and consultants work with you, onsite, to develop the state of the art management processes, practices and policies to drive profitability and grow your business.

A Senior Business Analyst, along with a Senior Executive from our home office, will first conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business.  This is a necessary first step before embarking upon any consulting engagement.  The purpose is to discover problems, determine the best solutions and prioritize the ones that can provide you with the most significant return on investment.  Our teams are highly proficient having performed hundreds of onsite company analyses.

On average, our top Senior Business Analysts have performed over seven hundred onsite business analyses.  The minimum number to direct a CBS team is four hundred.  There are no other analysts, anywhere in North America, who have more experience.

Note that this field experience is in addition to scholarly achievements (the minimum requirement for employment is a Bachelors, while many have Masters and/or law degrees) and at least ten years as a business owner or upper management at a corporation.  Our business consultants are similarly accomplished in terms of academics and business experience with the addition of fluency in financial reporting and superb problem solving skills.

At the conclusion of your business analysis, you will be presented with the findings as well as our recommendations on how to improve your business and obtain your goals. Together, you and your analyst will make the decision on whether to go forward with a consulting project and have the implementation begin.  The fees for the business analysis were set up to offer the maximum benefit for our clients and are, surprisingly, inexpensive.

To learn more, or to schedule your complimentary appointment with a representative to discuss the benefits of a Corporate Business Solutions business analysis, call 877-357-9366, today!