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Exit Strategy Planning

You decide what Exit Strategy means to you and your business.

Exit Strategy may mean a transfer of business ownership by either sale, succession (family or management), Employee Stock Ownership Plan or Initial Public Offering.

Or, it could be an interim transition strategy meant to expand your company’s services or markets, relocate the company, reposition the company in its industry or in another industry, divest a corporate division or subsidiary, ensure career advancement (by management without ownership interest), etc.

Your desires and imagination are the only limitations in Exit Strategy Planning.

It is an evolutionary process in the cycle of your business and personal endeavors, promoting an uncompromised and financially secure future, which will enrich the quality of your life.

In many ways, the process of Exit Strategy Planning is similar to building your dream house. You can envision how it will look and all the features that you want it to include.

Yet, it’s a complex project.  Would you just assemble all the trades involved (general contractor, construction workers, carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, dry-wall installers, painters, landscapers, etc.) and say, “Build my dream home?”  Nope.  For these people to be effective, they require a ‘blueprint,’ directing, in detail, the role that they will play in this process.

You will need an architect, a person with the intimate knowledge of each trade as well as the regulatory and code requirements that must be met, to provide this blueprint. Without the services of an architect, the process would be overwhelming and, most likely, unachievable.

Allow Corporate Business Solutions to supply the architect of your Exit Strategy, providing the guidance to fulfill your dreams.