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Dale Lively had 20 years experience as a welder in the marine industry before he decided to start his own company. But, like so many other entrepreneurs, Dale didn’t have any business experience. As the business grew, so did his problems. The consultant re-organized the company into six divisions to make it easier to track all the critical variables so that Dale could easily see where he was strong, where he was weak and what needed to be done to improve his business. As a result, Dale said he was able to turn his weaknesses into profits and is now debt free.


Eric Little had both the business education and experience in the construction industry to start his own company. However, even with his business background and industry experience, Eric realized both he and his company suffered from deficiencies, which were holding the company back from reaching its potential. Our consultants undertook a comprehensive review of the company and came up with several critical areas for improvement. Our consultants gave Eric the systems and procedures he needed, which will allow him to double the size of his company.

This CBS Consulting client, while an expert in his craft, did not have a background in business management and he received something “like a business degree in a few short weeks of working with the business consultants.