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Chad Godwin said that when the economy was going great he had no trouble making money, but when the economy slowed he wasn’t making the money that he thought he should be making. Our consultants re-organized the business to give Chad better control over his business so that he could make the money he deserved.


Dale Lively had 20 years experience as a welder in the marine industry before he decided to start his own company. But, like so many other entrepreneurs, Dale didn’t have any business experience. As the business grew, so did his problems. The consultant re-organized the company into six divisions to make it easier to track all the critical variables so that Dale could easily see where he was strong, where he was weak and what needed to be done to improve his business. As a result, Dale said he was able to turn his weaknesses into profits and is now debt free.


Jonathan McCleery was a an auto mechanic without any prior business experience before becoming an entrepreneur. Our consultants put in place the methods, systems and controls Jonathan needed to become a successful business owner.


This CBS Consulting client, while an expert in his craft, did not have a background in business management and he received something “like a business degree in a few short weeks of working with the business consultants.