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Who Is The Fastest Of Them All?

At Corporate Business Solutions, employees support each other’s health goals, everything from working out together at a local health club, to some good nature competition as to who is in the best shape via weekly weigh-ins.

After some good natured ribbing about who was the fastest runner, a race from the end of the company parking lot to the front door was arranged to occur after work to forever settle the issue.

Our two competitors, Brent and Jay, changed into their fitness gear and headed outside to race.  Employees gathered to cheer at the impromptu finish line (a roll of toilet paper unrolled and drawn taut by Dave, coach of our corporate softball team, and Tyler Burgess, President of CBS).

Power LeapJay warmed up with some power leaps into the air.

StretchBrent lunges and stretches.

Creating the Finish LineThe finish line is unrolled across the road.

Ready, Get SetReady…

Ready, Get Set, GoGet set…


At the Finish Line 2Jay takes the lead!

And the Winner is & Blue SkyJay is declared the winner by Coach Dave!

Congrats for a Great RaceThe competitors shake hands and congratulate each
other—they’re both winners in pursuing a healthy life-style.