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CBS Reviews: A Significant Impact On Our Bottom Line



A residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC contracting firm was in need of more accurate financial reporting system as well as a tune-up of their operations and sales guidelines.


With the assistance of their Corporate Business Solutions’ consultant, the client was able to hire a new office manager/bookkeeper as well as set up “policies and procedures for the many issues that we face on a day-to-day basis such as job descriptions, expectations from employees, discipline policies and more.”

Other changes included “a formal incentive plan to help motivate our employees and increase productivity.  We have also set up some safety checks on estimating, before an estimate is sent out to the customer.  We will be keeping a running log of estimates and follow up as required.”

Managing job costing was another topic that excited the client, “The ability to look at a project and determine how well we are doing, before it’s too late, is key in controlling the project.” 


“I feel that the information and tools provided to our company will have a significant impact on how we manage and oversee our business.  The financial reports, indicating breakeven points were surprising.  To take the guesswork out of true hourly cost for employees, including the tax burden as well as the true overhead cost, will prove beneficial in many ways.” 

Overall, the client felt that his consultant was “a wealth of knowledge, and the information that he has shared with me will be put to good use.  He is easy to talk to and understand and has a friendly demeanor.  I would highly recommend CBS to anyone looking to move their business to the next level,”  Paul, Owner.