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CBS Reviews: Changed Our Company & Our Lives

Rooftop HVAC Unit


Corporate Business Solutions’ services were required for a family business in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry for over 25 years.  While the company was not in any financial difficulty, it struggled with employee and material management.


After reviewing the company financials and employee work habits, the CBS consultant dug in and set up three financial spreadsheets and established employee productivity rates.  “Wow, what a difference.  Now I have the numbers right in front of me, daily, that make more sense.”  Technician productivity percentages are posted on a board for everyone to see, encouraging some healthy competition, “which, in return, makes our company a lot stronger and more money!”


The consulting project has “brought back the morale of all our employees!  It’s a joy to come into work and see everyone smiling, again.”  Additionally, the CBS consultant worked with the father and son management team, encouraging the son to take over one of the father’s more stressful roles in the company, “he then just ran with it and has exceeded our expectations.”  Corporate Business Solutions “has changed our company and also our lives.”  Shirley, Co-Owner